Association General Secretary – we need you..!

Dear bellringer

The position of Association General Secretary becomes vacant at the AGM in May, and according to our rules, nominations should be received by the February Management Committee meeting (on 2nd February this year).

The role is an important one for the association, as the Secretary pulls everything together and keeps me, the treasurer, the rest of the management committee, and the districts organised.

Whilst there is a time commitment associated with it, it might not be as onerous as you imagine, and the duties associated with the job could be flexed to accommodate a keen person if necessary.

You don’t need to be an accomplished ringer. You don’t need to have held a district role. You don’t need to have been a member of the association for 20 years.

You do need to be organised, computer literate, friendly, open and welcoming, and to be interested in ringing.

About this time last year I was making up my mind whether to stand as Association Master, and was having the same series of conversations in my head and with my friends that a person interested in the secretary’s role might now be having. Any minor changes I might have made in my life to be able to carry out the Master’s duties have been so worth it – I’ve enjoyed myself enormously this year, and want to keep enjoying myself. I can’t believe that I almost didn’t take this opportunity.

As a budding secretary, that might be you.

I’m happy to talk to anyone that might be unsure but want to know more – contact me on The job description is also on our website:

Please think about standing. The association needs its members to take part in the running of the show. It’s quite likely that you’d really enjoy it too.