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2020 & 2021 Quarter Peal Reports

Please make sure your tower's 2020 Quarter Peal form* is with the Peals Secretary by 15th January 2021, by hand, post or email. Thank you to those who have already returned their tower's.

If you cannot find a form for 2020, copies (2020 pdf and editable 2020 rtf) are available for download, or send an email request to the .

In these unprecedented times, with normal tower peals and quarters ceasing in March, I have been keeping an eye on Bellboard and noting any performances including Essex ringers during the year. There have been (so far) over 70 quarter peals in Ringing Room involving at least one Essex ringer. I am considering including a brief separate analysis of these with the Quarter Peals Report and also listing the performances where at least half the ringers are in Essex (i.e. those where the ringing is 'mostly' in Essex). The Central Council Framework recognises simulated performances rung by people as long as the 'bells' are rung hand and back, although it is not 'real bell' ringing it otherwise has all the technical difficulty of a normal quarter or peal. Unlike peals, quarter peals are not rung 'for' an association (though some use this field on Bellboard) so the practice has always been to include all quarter peals rung in the Association's area in the analysis and Annual Report as part of the formal record. I also plan to list all performances rung in Essex for VE75 and VJ75 in the Annual Report so if these are not on bellboard please send details to the .

Forms for 2021 are available for download (2021 pdf and editable 2021 rtf), or via the EACR website (Latest News page), or on request from the .

*If you do not wish to use the form, any electronically readable list including all the required data (Tower, date, no. of changes, method & conductor plus any key milestone footnotes) is acceptable.

Colin Chapman
Peals Secretary

(Tuesday 22 December 2020)

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