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Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance

The Association holds two insurance policies for its members. The following notes are intended as a guide only. They are not intended as a substitute to the insurance policies held by the Association relevant to the period of cover, which contain the full policy definitions, terms, conditions and exclusions.

Public Liability

The policy covers bell ringing, minor maintenance and fundraising events. No definition of ‘minor maintenance’ is available but it would cover routine maintenance and similar activities. Fundraising includes, for example, the use of halls for meetings and publicity and social events (including the use of mini-rings). The indemnity is up to £5,000,000 for every claim with a £250 excess and includes member-to-member liability. The policy is with Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. Public liability cover for major bell projects should be arranged separately.

Personal Accident

The policy covers all paid-up members of the Association (but not non-resident members), including any person under instruction prior to acceptance for membership of the Essex Association. The policy is underwritten by AmTrust Underwriting Ltd.

Members are covered whilst ringing or attending to any works or travelling to or from a church or bell tower to practice or take part in ringing anywhere in the world. Cover and benefits payable have been extended in respect of certain accidents (see table below). Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions – for example, cover would not apply to any member under the influence of alcohol.

Benefits payable in the event of a claim

Benefits payable in the event of an accident Under 16’s Aged 16-70 Aged 71-75 Over 75’s
1 Death £2,500 £30,000 £2,500 £2,500
2-5 The above amounts are also payable across the age ranges in respect of Permanent total loss of sight of One or Both eyes, Loss of one or more limb(s) and Permanent total loss of speech
6 Permanent total loss of hearing - One ear £625 £7,500 £625 £625
Permanent total loss of hearing - Both ears £2,500 £30,000 £2,500 £2,500
7* Permanent total disablement £2,500 £30,000 £2,500 £2,500
8 Temporary total disablement Not covered £300 pw for up to 104 weeks Not covered Not covered
9 Temporary partial disablement Not covered Not covered Not covered Not covered
10 Quadriplegia Not covered 50% of 7* Not covered Not covered
11 Triplegia Not covered 37.5% of 7* Not covered Not covered
12 Paraplegia Not covered 25% of 7* Not covered Not covered
The maximum Sum insured for any one occurrence is £1,000,000. Medical expenses (20% of the Sum insured up to a maximum of £10,000) are payable for those aged 16-70 years

Any member whose subscription is in arrears and who has not paid those arrears by the 30th April each year will not have their insurance cover renewed. It is therefore even more important that you do not let your membership lapse. In the event of a claim the Association Officers will decide whether or not you are a valid member based on membership lists, which the Association are required to maintain (Rule 11.3).

The above is a summary of the policies held and in any conflict with this summary and the actual policies, the policies will take precedence. Claims and queries concerning the extent of the cover, exclusions or operation of the policies should be directed in the first instance to the Association Treasurer so that the position may be clarified with the insurers.

Andrew Brewster
Association Treasurer
October 2017

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